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Working with businesses to install, repair and maintain complex commercial electrical systems. 

Volt Pro specialises in machinery installation, repair and maintenance as well as shop and warehouse electrical fit-outs.

Volt Pro Industrial Electrical Services

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Compliance & Testing

Our skilled team conducts thorough electrical inspections and testing to ensure all your commercial electrical equipment and appliances meet the required OH&S regulations. With our meticulous approach to compliance, you can trust that your workplace is free from electrical hazards, reducing the risk of accidents and potential liabilities. Invest in the safety and smooth operation of your business today!

Thermal Imaging/Insurance Reports

By utilising advanced thermal imaging technology, we can detect potential electrical issues before they become major problems. Our comprehensive reports provide businesses with crucial insights into the condition of their electrical systems, helping to prevent costly downtime and damage. Moreover, these reports also support insurance claims, ensuring that your business is well-prepared in case of any unforeseen incidents. 

Machinery Installation & Maintenance

Our expert team is well-versed in the efficient installation and upkeep of various machinery, ensuring seamless performance and minimal downtime. We understand the critical role machinery plays in your business’s productivity, and our meticulous maintenance ensures longevity and reliability. Trust Volt Pro to keep your industrial processes running smoothly and efficiently. With our specialised Machinery Installation & Maintenance services, you can focus on growing your business while we take care of your electrical needs.

Fault finding & Repairs - Minimise Your Downtime

Minimise downtime and maximize productivity with Volt Pro’s expert Fault Finding & Repairs services – a vital component of our Industrial Electrical solutions. Our skilled technicians excel at swiftly identifying and resolving electrical faults in industrial setups, ensuring smooth operations and reducing costly interruptions. With our efficient machinery maintenance techniques, your business can stay on track, avoiding unnecessary delays and downtime. Trust Volt Pro to keep your industrial systems running at their best.

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